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Guantanamo in 2014 – Switzerland is compromised.

Hello everyone,

As we opened this website, we wanted to inform people about the goal of our project and why we are doing it.

Transparency and Action

The images that we’ve shot on the 14 and 15 October 2014 in Geneva and Belp have put us in danger. They are withholding confidential information about the persons that we followed.

Those images allow us to make the following statement: Switzerland has welcomed new ex-detainee from Guantanamo since the two Ouïgours in 2010, but the information has never been mentioned. Why this silence?

We have information that no other media whether Swiss or International have.

If you want to learn more about Guantanamo – Gitmo like the American says it. Feel free to navigate around our website we will often be posting up to date event.

Together we will unveil why this hellish parody still goes on for more than 150 persons.

What is the government keeping secret from us?

PS: Still no hot water.

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