Dive into the Confusion with us

Hello everyone,

This blog will a be distress call as well as a rallying shout.

Only one preliminary warning: Before starting to read, hurry up and extract, copy paste the content of those pages before they disappear. We are pretty sure that the following lines will systematically be contested. We will see how long the blog holds up. We will see how internet censure deal with reality in nowadays.

From the 14 October to 15 October 2014, we have followed camera in hands Caroline Gauthier the chief executive of Geneva security department.

To follow her has been an awaited event for some month already for our film. We are film students. The goal of our film is to immerse its viewer in the political life regarding the Guantanamo event nowadays.

During those 48 hours, we managed to get hold of a lot of confidential information.

While following her for some minor event – building inauguration, protocol visit –, things have quickly evolved.

Whereas nothing predisposed her, C. Gauthier has been entrusted by the Swiss government to welcome an ex-detainee of Guantanamo Bay.


We were aware that Caroline had been implicated in similar event previously, but why was she present instead of her superior. Despite all this she allowed us to follow her.

Once at Belp airport, things started to get really bad.

We’ve filmed everything. We knew the importance of those information. Soon we will unveil those information in our film. The images that we are withholding could well get some politicians fired in our country and elsewhere.

We’re actually on the run since October 15. We’ve been lucky so far at countering the police plans to catch us.

This blog is a distress call, a bottle sent to the sea to inform people about our situation as well as to unveil what Gitmo ex-detainee have to endure.

We won’t give in to fear or intimidation.

Stay turned!!

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