Editing: Day 3

I’ll build a monument to the one who brings back hot water.

Two people working together is not always easy. But we manage to work towards the same goal to shape the unmentionable.

I would have never thought we could do so much with a generator.

“Complicated” is the word of the day. The amount of hours spent in Belp have ended up more laborious than what we thought. Some of the rushes have suffered, you’ll see it during the screening. Hopefully, soon enough a smartphone and a good torch light will be all you need to make a film.

As long as it can reproduce the technique of Dziga Vertov “the man with the moving camera” to portray reality, it’s good enough.

We’re looking forward to a first draft. The editing is brutal, like the reality of our content. Cut cut cut.

Follow up friends.

D & Y

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