Editing: Day 8

Working conditions are getting worse. I won’t give name but the Producers who back us up are getting impatient and want faster deliveries.

We’re holding on for now. But maybe they should edit it themselves. Beware of the Cubicle People!!. Despite that, they still have the courage to put their name on the front line. They are carefully following everything happening outside. And they reassured our family and friends of our well-being when they were worried. For all this we will always be in their debt.

The editing is complex, and our nerves are not always up to the task. Yesterday we exchanged some punch with Yacine. Fortunately, it didn’t go too far. Is courage an exhausting resource?

As the days go by, the film is getting better. We are living like recluse, refugee in our own country.

Political refugee, poetical refugee. Ethnologist with a camera we have discovered a new tribe. The visual anthropology continues. Our work continues, and the fear – of not being able to keep up with the work load as well as going to jail – remain.

But we cannot be doubtful, one man’s life is on the line.

D & Y

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